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Hiya guys and gals,

It really is me, Lela Star, and I'm psyched that you found my official website! Some of you have already seen me in my movies on DvD doing what I do best but this website is a whole new side of me you haven't seen before! While I'm not the one doing the fancy computer work (I have boyz who do that for me), you can bet I look at everything that goes on my website and if I don't think it will get you off I find something else for you instead. That's my orgasm guarantee!

I worked hard busting my ass - and letting other people bust it for me - to get where I am in the adult business, and I plan to work even harder now that I finally have my own website where my fans can come to hang out with me. It's going to be more than just some website, it's my fanclub and my internet home all in one!

If you are a guy who wants a girl to give him the kind of personal attention your dick craves or a gal who is curious what my soft lips taste like… then come on in to and have a look around. There are lots of exclusive videos and pics in here for you that you'll never see anywhere else and I give all my members the kind of special treatment they deserve. If you have an idea for a scene sign-up and send it in… being directed by you is one of my big fantasies and one of the main reasons I wanted to have my own website in the first place!

For those of you who are meeting me for the first time, the pleasure is all mine lol. I promise I won't disappoint you and I'll make getting to know me a very enjoyable experience for you. Then again, it's probably always easy to get to know me by cuddling up next to my 22 year old 5' tall 85 pound body for some fun and relaxation.

I'm originally from Miami, Florida but I moved out to L.A. about a year ago and found my way into the adult biz as a contract girl for Jenna Jameson. Learning from her was a blast and now I'm really ready to spread my wings, and my legs (lol!) on my own official website. I plan to bring in lots of my friends – guys and gals – who know how to use my body to its full potential because for me this site should always be about pushing limits and exploring new ways to make my fans happy.

Anyhow, I've gotta run...I'm about to film my newest scene for all of you and I want it to be my best one yet. Come on inside and let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!

Hugs and wet kisses,
- Lela

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FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions
What is your greatest ambition?
I want to be a household name!
What is one of your biggest turn-ons?
Hip bones.....mmmmm.
What about turn-offs?
Having sex with socks on. It's just so un-sexy!
Favorite Movie?
Pulp Fiction
What item can you not live without?
My Sidekick.
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